Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bare Feet and January

January 9...that's what the calendar said. But the thermometer said otherwise...82 degrees! After being outside just a short while, we decided it was time for the socks and shoes to come off! After much giggling over the whole ordeal and deciding that having feet cooped up inside socks and shoes made for very 'stinky feet', we began to actually enjoy our bare-footedness. The deck was warm, a little cooler in the shade, the dry grass was rather prickly, and when Tux walked under our dangling feet, it tickled. It was an adventure for these feet that have been locked inside shoes (or at least socks) for weeks now. To actually feel different textures on the bare skin was quite exhilarating.
Not only did we get to experience going barefoot in January, but we saw a butterfly flitting around the alyssum left in the winter-dry border around the fence, looking for nourishment long gone in that little garden patch.