Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Butterflies

Monarchs, swallowtails, miscellaneous butterflies...I have SO enjoyed watching the butterflies flit and flutter from blossom to bloom in my garden!
The weather seems like fall, I have orange and yellow and brown fall decor around the house, yet I still have flowers blooming and butterflies floating and bees humming in my backyard!

Pumpkin Patch Part Two

The pumpkin patch fever continues. Melynda sent pictures of Jordan and their trip to the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound.

Diego is Jordan's hero....Jordan is going to be Diego for Halloween

"So how are you doing today, Miss Scarecrow? I like your pumpkin house!"

Sitting in the wagon after going on a hayride

Training for World's Strongest Man....

OK....this will tell you just how crazy I am over pumpkin patches! I found out that there is a pumpkin patch in Grape Creek...about ten minutes away! I was so excited! And you KNOW I had to check it out! It's really nice to have the grandsons here that will go along with me!

Of course, I had to get Tater to pose in the "Harvest Corner" on the front porch.

This is what I do every day...give thanks that I am so blessed with family and friends and a God who loves me no matter what.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fever

I love pumpkin patches. I love the orange-ness, the sense of bounty and harvest, the promise of fall and cooler weather. And I absolutely love to watch the discovery on the faces of the kids in a pumpkin patch! And I love pumpkin patch pictures.

Every year since Caleb was almost 10 months old, I've taken the boys to the pumpkin patch at Sierra Vista. It's not really a 'patch'...its a church where they sell pumpkins and gourds to raise money for their youth group. So I am not only having a great time with my grandsons, I am supporting a good cause and helping young people!

It has become a tradition....a very good tradition...

Tater looking over the smaller pumpkins....

Nana! Look at these!

The next day, I took Caleb & Connor...

Caleb knows about posing....Connor says 'cheese' but doesn't look at the camera...but I just love this shy little pose he's got going on!

Then they posed on my front porch with pumpkins we bought...

I don't get to take Adian & Annaliese and Jordan to the pumpkin patch cause they are too far away. But their parents take them and then send pictures...and I love pumpkin patch pictures!

Christi and Rich brought the pumpkin patch to their front yard for Aidan & Annaliese!

Melynda says they went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, so as soon as I get some pictures of Jordan, I'll add them to this keep watching for an update!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I started this spring with a sad looking plot referred to as our backyard. We had extensive work done through the winter and early spring deck, new fence, new sprinkler system. We even had to have new grass blown in. (If you missed the story of Nana looking for the grass, you'll have to scroll back and read it!) There wasn't much money left in the budget for real landscaping, so I planted a few plants and l.o.t.s. of seeds. The result: a pretty nice assortment of floral offerings to gaze upon during the summer. Now that fall is approaching, some of the plants are going away. I'm thinking about some nice chrysanthemums to put in their place.