Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing with My Camera

So I'm cleaning out my files on the hard drive, trying to put pictures onto disks, and I ran across these pictures that I took while I was playing with my new Christmas present last Christmas. Just had to share some of them with you....

My first day of playing...this is the centerpiece on the coffee table.

Driving home from Odessa...going through Sterling City...playing with the Color Accent feature

More Color Accent...the steering wheel...

Can you guess where we stopped for drinks???

A carousel horse on my Victorian Christmas tree

We had our backyard torn up pretty much throughout January through April, so the boys had lots of opportunity to dig in the dirt!

The out-of-focus strings on the badminton racket...

Looking through the dormant crape myrtle to the house across the street...

Our OLD fence...was literally on it's last legs...

Looking up into the underside of the patio umbrella...

Our patio furniture...

Most people have to ask what this is when they see the entire thing with their own's a Wiggle Worm Sprinkler!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Frog

Everyone arrived throughout the afternoon and evening at various times. All of our kids and their families were gathering at Lake Placid on the Guadalupe River near New Braunsfels for a family weekend getaway. We were excited to see the kids, brothers and sisters were excited to see each other, and the cousins...oh, the cousins! As Tater aptly put it upon Jordan's arrival, "Jordan, my cousin, is back!" These six little cousins just love to get together and play with each other, and it is so much fun to just sit back and watch.
That first night, bedtime came much too early for the little boys...even though it was way past bedtime. Caleb & Aidan were going to sleep in the master bedroom with us because there were two queen beds in there. They had been in bed for a while when I decided to go upstairs and check on them...I met them at the top of the stairs...with all sorts of excuses for not being able to go to sleep. I told them I would lie down with them until they went to sleep. Aidan went right to sleep then, but Caleb's little brain was still going ninety miles an hour. We talked about all sorts of things...the crickets chirping outside, the people next door having a party outside...we talked about going fishing and swimming and boat riding the next day...whatever his little brain could think of to not go to sleep. Finally, he decided he needed to go to the bathroom. So I took him into the master bathroom, which probably had not even been used since we all got there that afternoon. He lifted the seat...and there it was...the frog...

Surprise! He took a step back and gasped...I took a step forward to see what was going on...and gasped! "What's that, Nana?" "Well, Caleb, it looks like a frog!" It was so still I began to wonder, "Is it some sort of ornamental thing? Kinda weird, but who knows?" About that time, I saw it's eyes blink. Yep, it's real! "Caleb, I think we need to go get Grandpa!"

So Grandpa came and saved the day...Nana grabbed her camera on her way back upstairs...and voila! An instant memory of our first night at the lake. Needless to say, Caleb went to sleep with his mommy...and was very wary about going to the potty the next day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Way Too Long

Wow...I can't believe it's been almost a month since I blogged! It's not that I haven't had anything to write about or share...there are several blog-worthy things going around in my head. No, I have just chosen to do other things...spend time with family, read, play on Facebook...and then there are those things that have to be done that you have no choice...laundry, clean house, etc. etc.

Weekend before last we spent an awesome weekend with the kids and grandkids on Lake Placid on the Guadalupe River near New Braunsfels. It was so neat spending time with our family, watching the grandkids interact and play and fish and swim and experience a boat ride...nothing could be better. Look for details in future blogs.

At the end of last week, I went to Lewisville to spend a few days with Melynda and Jordan...mainly because Melynda needed a babysitter for Jordan on Thursday night. Eric was out of town at a National Debate Tournament, and she teaches swimming lessons every evening. That's my new motto..."Need Nana...Will Travel". We had a great, eating at Rainforest Cafe, and taking Jordan swimming.

This week I am catching up with housework (ugh), yardwork, sewing/mending, and downloading/filing digital pics. It is not a week without grandkids, though...Connor gets to come and play on Thursday!