Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carter Loves.....

Spending thirty-six hours with Carter Chance....what a thrill! We have not gotten to spend a lot of one-on-one (uh...I guess that would be two-on-one) time with Carter, but thanks to a conference Bill needed to attend in Houston, we got the opportunity to do just that.  He & Carey took the older two boys and they had a mini-vacation, taking in an Astros game and an awesome children's museum.  Carter came to stay with Nana & Grandpa.  And oh, what a delight he is!!!  This is what we discovered.....

CARTER LOVES TO BE OUTSIDE!  Both evenings we took him outside and he crawled all over the place! He especially seemed to like the breeze blowing in his face.

CARTER LOVES MEALTIME!  Well, we already knew this, but he got really upset with me when the oatmeal was all gone! Of course, Nana gave in and mixed up a little bit more....

CARTER LOVES TO PLAY PAT-A-CAKE!  He will watch you do it, he will let you 'help' him do it, he will do by himself, and he'll grab your hands and 'help' you do it!

CARTER LOVES HIS BATHTIME!  He just started squealing when I started running the bath water; started pulling his shirt off over his head almost before I had the first arm out; and he just crawled around in circles in our big tub splashing and squealing!

CARTER LOVES 'DRUMMING'!  A toy, an empty juice bottle, a sock freed from the foot....they all become a drumstick to beat on whatever is handy!

CARTER LOVES TO DANCE!  He does the cutest little shake of his head that has been dubbed the 'Carter Chance Baby Dance'....and he was 'dancing' and shaking like crazy to the music at Logan's Roadhouse!

CARTER LOVES HIS GRANDPA AND NANA!  And we love him! We had such a fun time with Carter Chance!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grandkids, Birthdays, and Cakes!

We are in the midst of the birthday-season for the grandkids! Aidan turned 6 in February, Tater celebrated his 4th birthday in March, and April holds birthdays for both Annaliese and Jordan. Annaliese just turned 3 and Jordan will be 5 in a couple of weeks!

Keeping with the tradition of making birthday cakes for the grandkids, I made Star Wars TIE Fighter cupcakes for young Jedi Aidan, one for each party guest. The theme of his party was Legos Star Wars,
so I also had his name built out of Legos for the center of the display.

Tater's party theme was Spiderman, so I crafted a 3-D Spiderman. His party was at the park on a very windy day, and Spidey just about lost his head! I also made cupcakes for each of the kids.
Cupcakes are just so much easier for a kid's party....especially when the wind in blowing!!

It came as no surprise when I learned that Annaliese would have a Princess Party!
Her party was held at Build-A-Bear in the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco with cake afterward in the food court!
One princess was not enough....had to have three...with cupcakes for everyone!

I will not be able to go to Jordan's birthday party in Lewisville, but we are having a small family party for him when he comes to visit in a couple of weeks.  I'll post a couple of pictures then!