Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exploring with Preschoolers

After a trip to Kid's Kingdom Park proved un-do-able after two busloads of 'big kids' (elementary age day camp) arrived and began swarming over the entire park, we crossed the street along the river and 'went exploring'!

They loved climbing the steps up to the Visitor's Center and back down again, and again, and again. I finally bribed them by telling them there was another bridge coming up!

They opted to bypass the second bridge to 'explore this way', so off we went.

One of their greatest discoveries...a turtle and a squirrel!

We finally made it back to the second bridge....they saw a turtle swimming down below.

Then they saw ducks down below...

Rock climbing!


It was a GREAT morning, exploring along the Concho River with a 3 year old and a 4 year old!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carter Chance Peacock

A grandmother's delight...adding another grandbaby!

Carter Chance Peacock arrived Monday, June 1, 2009

7 lb. 14 oz. ~ 21 inches

Now a family of five...Bill & Carey, Caleb (5 yrs), Connor (2 yrs), and Carter

Connor & Caleb absolutely adore their baby brother!

Caleb loves to just sit and hold him, and gives him up rather reluctantly.

Connor is constantly giving him kisses or trying to give him a hug.

Already, they are such loving big brothers!

And then there's the proud Grandpa!

And the adoring Nana!


What a precious little bundle of boy joy!

Here's what I pray for your life:

God, give this child a good heart

God, give this child a good heart

One that cares for the weak

One that hears when You speak

A heart that will make You smile

God, give this child a good heart.

(A Good Heart; Ernie Haase and Signature Sound)

80 Years Wonderful

Eighty years ago, on May 27, 1929, God gave a wonderful gift, and her name
was Margaret. And she just happens to be my mom! Eighty years! An
'octogenarian', as Kerry calls her. She doesn't like that title so much. Maybe
it sounds too much like 'octopus'. Maybe it just makes her feel old.

My mom was the first of nine children. She was born in Coleman County and lived in various places including California and Santa Ana and Bangs, Texas. She moved to Odessa following graduation from Bangs High School.


In 1952, my mother married a handsome young man she met at her church, Belmont Baptist Church. Together they raised five children in a warm, loving, Christian home. They enjoyed life together, experiencing joys and sorrows, good times and hard times, and their lives were a testimony to their faith. My daddy went to be with his Lord on March 24, 2001, just about a year shy of their 50th wedding anniversary.


On Saturday, May 30, 2009, we celebrated Mother's birthday with a party at her church, the same church where she met her sweetheart, raised her children, made many friends, and influenced numerous lives. It was a fabulous event with over 100 guests, friends and family who loved my mother. I asked my mother if she had ever had a birthday party before...she had to stop to think before saying no, she had never had a birthday party. How sad that she had to wait 80 years to have one! She was a professional cake decorator and made many birthday cakes, including cakes for her grandchildren. One of her granddaughters, Marla, who has become a cake decorator/pastry chef herself, made the cake for the birthday celebration. We will celebrate again in July at our West Family Summer Christmas when all the kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are together.


I recently completed Blessings from the Heart: A Woman's Legacy. In that study, we learned the importance of writing to thank those who have blessed us and to encourage those who need a ray of sunshine. I remember compiling a memory book after my daddy died, a book of remembrances and memories written by those who loved him. I decided I wanted to write my thoughts down for my mom before she was gone. This is what I wrote to her...



I am who I am because of you and Daddy. Although many people have helped
shape me and make me the woman I am today, you and Daddy gave me the foundation
and basic principles needed on which to build.

You blessed me first by being a Christian yourself, and by marrying a
Christian man and committing yourselves and God to raise your children in a
Christian home. Growing up, I jst took it for granted, figuring everyone had
what I had and was raised like I was raised. As I got older, I realized that was
not so. As I got even older, I realized how privileged I was to have been raised
in a Christian home by two Godly parents.

You blessed me again as I watched you serve God in our home and in our
church and in our community. I know how to serve others because you modeled it
for me. I know the importance of giving your time and energy to the church and
to others because I learned that from you. I know God teaches us to love others
as He loves us, because you taught me that most basic concept. You continue to
bless me as I watch you continue to serve God by loving and serving

You blessed me when you loved me unconditionally. I know there were times
when you were unhappy, angry, or disappointed with me...but you always loved me.
And I always knew that. You modeled God's unconditional love so well that, when
I have gone through struggles of my own, knowing I have made Him unhappy or
angry or disappointed, I know He still loves me and always will.

You have blessed me in so many ways I cannot even begin to list. And you
continue to bless me! And I want to say thank you. Thank you for being a loving,
caring mother who has always been there for me. Thank you for showing me what it
is to be a Christian mother...a Christian woman...a Christian. Thank you for
blessing me and passing on an amazing legacy to me and my children and

I love you,


Playing Catchup!

Two major events have happened in the past week, and I have not had time to blog about them! My last few weeks have included:
  • planning a birthday weekend getaway for Kerry
  • planning a birthday party for my mom
  • receiving and distributing church directories that have been in the making since January
  • finishing up our Blessings from the Heart ladies study at church and having a special presentation in worship (which included my singing a solo in church which meant time practicing)
  • going to Caleb's T-ball games, going to Jordan's birthday party in Lewisville, doing all sorts of "Nana stuff"

And of course all the normal, busy everyday things. BUT, I'm catching up tonight! So stay tuned!