Friday, October 2, 2009

Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Flowers

Every year the Monarch butterflies come through San Angelo on their way to Mexico for the winter! It is so awesome to drive all over town and see them flitting about! They like to hang in clusters on tree limbs. Tater and I, along with his little butterfly net, went butterfly chasing/catching and had a great time! We would catch one, hold it a little while, talk about it, then let it go....over and over! He even caught a dragonfly in his net!

Of course I had to include some flower pictures! We started out at the Lily Pad Pond, but the butterflies around there were too high up in the trees and were not three-year-old-friendly to catch! We ended up at the Gazebo Garden next to the river on Concho.

Only in San Angelo, Texas......

Only in San Angelo, Texas, can you go to a hole-in-the-wall awesome barbecue place out by the lake, walk in to a room full of Friday-night-before-homecoming-football-game crowd, have a couple you've never met before offer you to share their table because they are almost finished, end up talking to them for 20-30 minutes (and find out she teaches with one of your daughters), and ten minutes later having your neighbors walk in, again to a crowded room, and asking them to join you, and visit with them another half an hour! And in the mean time, having no less than a dozen people walk through who stop and speak to you because they know you!! Ahh....I love San Angelo!!