Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Passion for the People

Venezuela....a country which has pulled us into its embrace over the last 5 years. On our first trip to Puerto Ayacucho 5 years ago, God placed a passion in our hearts to work with the people of Venezuela. He has given the gift of friends there. He has given the gift of opportunity there. We have visited and ministered in numerous places, and tomorrow we have the opportunity to see yet another beautiful spot in Venezuela.

As a part of a partnership mission between the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Venezuelan Baptist Convention, nearly a hundred North Americans (mostly Texans) will make their way southward to the land of mountains and waterfalls, flatlands and banana trees, peacock bass and piranhas. We will be serving in four different states...Merida, Barinas, Portaguesa, and Trujillo.

Our team, made up of 12 from San Angelo, 3 from Tennessee, and 2 from New Mexico, will be in the state of Merida, spread out over three cities....El Vigia, Merida, and Mucuchies. Kerry and I will be in Merida, home of our good friend and interpreter, Ladimiro. Kerry will lead seminars on "Success" and "Finances" as well as do some preaching. I will be involved in personal visitation and witnessing and will probably sing at the worship services. We are anxious to see the opportunities the Lord gives us while we are there.

The various teams will be leaving throughout the day tomorrow, Aug 6, and we will return home on Monday, Aug 16. Please pray for us. Pray for open hearts in the people we meet. Pray for good health for the team members. Pray for safe travel both to and from the US as well as within the country of Venezuela. We are asking God for 10,000 souls to be saved and 100 new churches to be started.  We cannot do what the Lord has for us to do THERE without the prayers of those of you who are praying HERE.

Now, I must go and finish packing. Four o'clock in the morning will come very soon.

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