Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Summer Bullets

Wow! Can't believe it's been nearly a year since I posted on this blog!

The summer of 2011 is well under way, so I may backtrack just as an update to what's been going on with us. The best way to do this is with bullets and pictures!

  • Melynda received her Master's Degree in Social Work in May. Her specialization was The Care of Vulnerable Children. She will continue in the fall with her second Master's degree in the dual degree program at Baylor University/Truett Seminary.

  • Both Tater and Connor finished their year of preschool at Sierra Vista. They had the cutest end-of-year program which was dedicated to our military. Many of the kids at SV have at least one parent serving in the armed forces and some are deployed.  
  • The following week, Tater had his Preschool Graduation program....he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall!  Connor still has another year, thank goodness, since his birthday is in November. They just seem to grow up so fast!! This pic is with his teacher, Mrs. Allen, who was such an awesome teacher and friend! Then, of course a pic with Nana!
  • In early June, Kerry and I took a few days and went to Colorado. It was great to enjoy the coolness of the mountains and see snow still lying around in the shady areas and on the mountaintops. We did some fun things including ziplining back and forth over a canyon, riding in a CREW ATV up the side of a mountain, and enjoying steak and lobster on the Georgetown Loop Dinner Train. We also got to see family while there....my cousin, Cindy and two of her girls, and Kerry's cousin, Richard.

  • And speaking of growing up too fast, Carter Chance, our youngest grandchild until Baby Sleeper arrives in November, turned TWO on June 1st, and because everyone was pretty scattered, we had a little family celebration on the 11th.  Carter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially Toodles, the little character with special tools each episode to help Mickey and his friends. Thus, his Toodles cake..... He got oodles of new toys, of course, but one of his favorite gifts was the musical card we gave him....singing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
  • We went to Plano to see Annaliese's first dance recital, "When I Grow Up". Her class were the 'bakers' and danced to "Do You Know the Muffin Man".

  • The summer promises to be a busy one, as usual.
    • Girls weekend with my girls.....special mother/daughter fun!
    • 5th West Family Summer Christmas where my family celebrates Christmas in the summertime
    • Teaching a Cupcake Decorating class at church....not sure how I got talked in to this one!
    • Vacation Bible School in July
    • Mission trip to Venezuela at the end of July through the 8th of August....God is doing some awesome things in preparation for our time there!
    • And of course lots of family time with the kids and grandkids as summer schedules allow it!

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