Friday, January 29, 2010

Homemade Pizza

A great way to end a crazy week.....have three of the grandsons over! Of course, Tater is here everyday, but he really gets excited when 'his cousins' come over and play! Friday morning, Connor came over, and the two of them had such a great time! First activity for the day, PLAY-DOH!  I love the guy who invented Play-Doh!

Next on the schedule was playing Wii....oh my!  Two 3-yr-olds + MarioKart = great morning entertainment!  It took them about 10 minutes to finish one race!!  But they loved it and had great fun and that's all that matters!

At 12:00 we went and picked up Caleb at school....let the fun begin! While Tater and Connor have fun together, adding Caleb to the mix takes it to a whole new level! (Word of explanation here: It was Jammie Day at school, so yes, Caleb is wearing his jammies in some of the following pics!)

Homemade pizzas were on the menu for the day.  I made the dough, divided it into four balls, and gave each of the boys one...and one for me!. With a little help from Nana, we got the dough rolled out into circles.....somewhat. Then each of the boys spooned and spread their sauce and added cheese while Nana sliced up some ham & turkey...sorry, all out of pepperoni and sausage! Then more cheese on top!

Then into the oven they went.  What shall we do while we wait?  Eat more cheese, of course!!!

The pizza turned out pretty good! The boys were surprised, I think! I know they had a fun time, and it is definitely a do-again project!

After naptime, it was time for some more Wii!  Best entertainment of all, watching two 3-yr-olds and a 6-yr-old playing Wii....especially boxing!!  First, though, Caleb & Tater played Carnival Games while Connor was still napping.  Then bowling.  Couldn't get a picture of the boxing....would've been just a blur!

What a fun day!!  Made this Nana one happy lady!!

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